1984-1986 Ford Thunderbird Turbo coupe

1984-1986 Ford Thunderbird Turbo coupe Turbocharger Upgrades

BNR Supercars offers upgrade services for the T3 turbocharger that comes on the 84-86 T-birds!  What we offer requires a turbocharger core upon build up! [core document]   Please include O2 housing with the wastegate swing valves so we can make sure the upgraded internal wastegate fitment is done properly.  We will not remove 02 sensors from the housing and we are not responsible for fixing broken studs or any other defects in the O2 housing.

Our direct fitment turbocharger upgrade uses the factory compressor and turbine housings.  This allows you to keep the factory compressor inlet adapter and factory location ac compressor!   The turbocharger end housings are re-manufactured and machined to accept a larger rotating assembly.  The CHRA (Center Housing Rotating Assembly) is brand new, nothing re-manufactured.  We don’t bother rebuilding the stock CHRA parts due to a higher failure rate.  We ensure to give you the best product your money can buy!  Here is what you get when you purchase a bolt on turbocharger for the 84-86 Thunderbird Turbo coupe!

  • New, custom T3/T4 Center Housing Rotating Assembly (oil inlet 1/8”NPT, Water in/out 3/8” NPT)
  • High performance 360 thrust assembly
  • Custom Billet seal plate with O ring groove (fits OE compressor housing)
  • Blue printed turbine and compressor seals
  • GT turbine wheel upgrade
  • 50 Trim Compressor wheel (Rated for 49 lb/min)
  • Machined Turbine and Compressor housings
  • 2000F ceramic based coat on Turbine housing
  • Ported wastegate
  • Upgraded Wastegate Actuator (set at pressure of choice or 12 psi default setting)
  • Stainless steel hardware
  • 1 year warranty

BNR Stage 1:  $725 usd plus core and shipping!


We also can do larger custom set ups with upgraded compressor housings.  Give us a call for custom applications!