2010-2014 Subaru Legacy GT (Low Mount) Turbocharger Upgrades

In 2010 Subaru got away from the top mounted turbocharger and manufactured the VF54. Since the VF54 was a low mount turbo, it utilizes an oil reservoir and an oil pump to scavenge the oil from the turbocharger. The earlier models of the LGT and the Outback XT from 2005-2009 had severe oil issues and had a bad tendency to prematurely burn up turbochargers. Now that the oil supply in the 2010 plus LGT is revised, there isn’t a shortage of oil flow to the turbocharger.

*All cars with upgraded turbochargers must upgrade the factory bypass valves!  The stock BPV isn’t strong enough to hold the valve close and will cause a major boost leak that can cause premature turbocharger failure by over-speeding the turbocharger!*

BNR Supercars was the first company to make custom hybrid turbochargers for the VF54. We have several different options to choose from. We work based on your turbocharger core so you’re turbo charger is needed to complete the upgrade process! [CORE FORM] What we do to the turbocharger is pull out the original IHI center housing rotating assembly and install a Mitsubishi TD05H center housing rotating assembly(custom). We machine the original compressor and turbine housings to accept the custom Mitsubishi CHRA. An upgraded actuator assembly is also custom fitted for the VF54 hybrid. We also make a custom wastegate valve adapter that uses a double jam nut system. It is simple to adjust in the car. When you need to mechanically change the wastegate actuator base crack pressure (lengthen to turn down and shorten to turn up). Everything is mostly direct bolt on except the oil tank. You will need to tweak the oil tank for install by making a dent in the tank on the compressor side. If you supply the tank with the turbocharger core we will install the tank for you.
Here are all the options for the 2010 plus Legacy GT! We have 2 turbine wheels to choose from and 5 compressor options. Here are the details on the rotating assemblies.

Turbine wheel Compressor wheel Flow rate (lbs/min) Price in USD
TD05H EVO3 16G 40 lbs/min $950 plus shipping
TD05H 18G 41 lbs/min $950 plus Shipping
TD05 Hi flow 20G Cast 44 lbs/min $950 plus shipping
TD05 Hi flow HTA71 (hi pressure) 48 lbs/min $1150 plus shipping
TD05 Hi Flow Billet 20G 50 lbs/min $1150 plus shipping