BNR Supercars LLC started August 1st 2001!  Mainly specializing in building Mazda Rotary engines and RX7 hybrid turbocharger upgrades.  The abbreviation “BNR” stands for Bryan Nickell’s Rotary Supercars!  I hear all kinds of different explanations of what the R stands for in BNR, makes me laugh every time!

In 2004 we started working with non rotary platforms and got busy enough to discontinue rotary engine builds.  I love the rotary engines, but that was a filthy job I don’t miss!  BNR continued on building customer base and expanded our expertise.  We made a business out of a so called hobby shop!  We target low production vehicles that get passed up by all the big, aftermarket companies, and the products we make are high end quality without the high end price.  We engineer all of our products and produce the parts to improve quality while having parts inventory control.  Not many remanufactured turbochargers are done here anymore.  Most every turbocharger that comes out of BNR comes with new center housing parts.  Only a few turbochargers that we service have remanufactured parts in the cartridge.  The more remanufactured parts in a turbocharger, the more risk there is for defects/failure!

Since well before I started the “hobby shop”, there was a long list of personal automotive projects.  My passion for owning and modifying turbo cars is beyond my control!  By owning and building many vehicles, I have hands-on knowledge about what works and what doesn’t when it comes to turbochargers or fabrication!

We are very thankful for the customer base and if it wasn’t for you I’d probably still be tinkering with turbo cars meanwhile using an architectural engineering degree working construction :D.   I hope to continue to grow the business and make high end turbochargers that won’t break the bank!

Here are some of the personal projects I own and some that I have traded or sold for other projects!


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