Nissan GTR R35

BNR Supercars has engineered a 100% bolt up, no fabrication required twin turbocharger upgrade for the R35 GTR’s that is rated for 1140 BHP!  They make lots of power and spool insanely quick!  No need for custom oil or water lines, this set bolts up like the original set!

What we do to the turbochargers is CNC machine the turbo-fold (one piece turbine housing/manifold) for a TD05 High flow turbine wheel.  BNR makes a custom bearing housing that has the same threads for oil supply, oil drain, and water passages as the original RHF5 IHI turbocharger.  We also have a custom adapter for the TD05 Custom bearing housing to fit into the factory compressor housing without modification.  The factory compressor housings are also CNC machined to accept the larger, billet compressor wheels.  The compressor wheels are rated for 57 lb/min per side.   All units are equipped with high-performance 360 degree thrust assemblies to ensure a long life for high boost applications!

Turbocharger cores are required on purchase!  Please fill out this form and include it with the set of turbochargers.  [Core Form] We keep a couple sets of cores machined and ready for assembly on hand to keep the down time to a minimum!  This is what you get when you order a set of turbochargers from BNR Supercars:

  • CNC machined Turbo-folds (machined for TD05 Mitsubishi turbine)
  • CNC machined factory compressor housings (machined for compressor upgrade)
  • BNR custom bearing housing (M10 1.5 oil inlet, TD05 oil outlet, M12 1.25 water threads)
  • High-performance 360 degree thrust assemblies
  • Billet HTA73 compressor wheels (57 lb/min per side)
  • BNR TD05 High-flow turbine wheels
  • New TD05 CHRA (center housing rotating assembly)
  • Balanced to .5 gram/in2
  • 2000F ceramic based coated Turbo-folds
  • Upgraded wastegate actuator assemblies (set at customers request/22 psi default)
  • Easy adjustable rod ends on wastgates.  Can be adjusted on car!
  • (8) M12 copper sealing rings (water lines)
  • (4) M10 copper sealing rings (oil inlets)
  • (2) Oil drain gaskets
  • 1 year warranty!

BNR R35 Turbocharger Upgrade Price:  $4500 USD plus core and shipping!