Returns and Warranty

BNR Return Policy

We do not do refunds and all sales are final on purchase!   I apologize for any inconvinence.  If you have any question about choosing the correct turbocharger for your application, please call us to consult!

We used to do refunds but we always come out on the losing side.  Improper packaging, greasy hand prints, scratches on freshly machined surfaces, and damaged goods was always the case! Turbochargers were mounted and the customer says “its still new in the box”.  All the gaskets and turbo were thrown back in the box with no packing to protect it!  I’m sorry we can’t do refunds any more.


BNR Warranty Policy

BNR Supercars LLC has a limited (1 year warranty from invoice date) with every turbocharger we build.  The warranty only covers turbocharger parts, if defective.  BNR Supercars LLC is not responsible for labor for removal of turbocharger or the postage of turbocharger(s) to or from the purchaser.   The warranty does not cover:

  • Oil Contamination
  • Oil Starvation
  • Over-speeding
  • Foreign object failure


Oil starvation (non-warranty)

When we pull apart turbocharger and thrust/shaft are discolored showing signs of friction or metal swap.  That is an indication of oil starvation.  Here are a few pics of turbochargers that didn’t get enough oil volume and died a miserable death.


Oil Contamination (non-warranty)

Signs of oil contamination are present in the journal bearings and thrust bearing assembly.  When contamination occurs, target boosts will be possibly be lower and the turbocharger could push oil past the turbine seal causing smoke out the tail pipe.  If your lucky just a minor overhaul will be needed.  I will suggest you to do a leak down to your engine for possible ring land failure and I will tell you to install an inline oil filter to filter the oil before it gets to the turbocharger.  Doesn’t take much trash in the oil to damage bearing bronze to the point the turbocharger needs servicing.

Over-speeding (non-warranty)

Over-speeding looks similar to oil starvation.  The journal bearings usually aren’t effected by over-speeding.  The first sign of over-speeding is the thrust bearing burns up like its starved for oil.  It will eventually take out the journal bearings and the rest of the CHRA (center housing rotating assembly) if the problem isn’t caught in time.  You will start to have excessive in and out movement!  Over-speeding is caused by:

  • Blown intercooler coupler
  • Bad blow off/bypass valve  (not enough spring tension)
  • Improperly set up sequential system (if sequential twin turbo-rx7/supra)
  • Improperly sized turbocharger (too small for engine)


Foreign object failure (non-warranty)

Foreign object failure is something like a nut or bolt that’s loose in your intake system.  Happens quite often.  Original turbo that came off was missing a shaft nut.  You better find it because eventually it will be consumed by the new turbocharger!  The exhaust side of the turbocharger can also be affected.  Broken apex seals or broken valves or even welding slag from custom turbo manifolds can cause foreign object damage!  You buy a manifold, you better check it for loose welding slag!



If you happen to have issues with your turbocharger (smoking, grinding ect), we have to disassemble to see the cause of premature turbocharger failure before we jump to any conclusions.  From there we can determine if there is a problem with the turbocharger or if an internal problem exists with your engine.

Thank you and we appreciate your business!