RX8 Greddy Turbocharger Upgrade

RX8 Greddy T618Z Turbocharger Upgrade


The RX8 Greddy isn’t a bad aftermarket kit for a mild turbocharger set up.  You can improve the performance  and the reliability by getting BNR Supercars to do the turbocharger upgrade!  The Greddy T618Z turbocharger comes with a non-water cooled center housing (aka bearing housing).  The bearing housing is the root of most all of the problems with the Greddy kit.  Since the exhaust manifold and turbine housing is thick cast iron, so much heat is held into the exhaust side when running the engine or even if the engine is shut down.  When you shut down the engine that high temperature will heat soak the bearing housing of the turbocharger causing the oil to cook and carbon coat the bearings.  The end result is oil passing by the turbine seal causing smoke out the tail pipes.  Another problem with the T618Z is a weak wastegate actuator spring.  If you want more than 4-6 psi of boost, the actuator must be upgraded.  The limit to the Greddy  18G compressor is around 270 RWHP on the Renesis engine.   The limit to the stock greddy intercooler is 300 RWHP.  If you want more than 270 RWHP, its time to upgrade both the turbocharger and the intercooler!   When you have smoking issues, or want a turbocharger upgrade, look no further!

BNR Supercars offers 2 turbocharger upgrades for the T618Z RX8 Greddy turbocharger!  We require a core on build up [CORE INFO DOC].  What we do to the turbocharger is replace the CHRA (Center Housing Rotating Assembly) with a new, water cooled unit.  The water cooled bearing housing keeps the oil from turning to carbon build up!  We also machine the original compressor housing to accept the upgraded compressor wheel and we also make a custom wastegate actuator upgrade.  BNR Greddy turbocharger comes with the following:

  • Clipped TD06H turbine wheel
  • High Performance 360 degree thrust assembly
  • 2 compressor wheel opions (49 lb/min or 58 lb/min)
  • Water cooled bearing housing
  • Dynamic balanced to .5 gram/in2
  • Blue printed turbine and compressor seals
  • High performance gapless turbine seal
  • Upgraded wastegate actuator (11 psi crack pressure)
  • Water inlet/outlet tubes supplied
  • 1 year warranty


PRICE:$975 plus core and shipping