T04E Universal BNR 62 Turbocharger


BNR Supercars T04E-62mm Turbocharger


BNR Supercars has developed a new T04 turbocharger that performs really well for the price! Biggest bang for the buck for power and response for a medium sized turbocharger! This unit will flow 75 lb/min and has the response of a GT35R!

There are 2 turbine housing options: .81 a/r and .96 a/r. If your car is Rotary powered a .96 is suggested for this turbocharger. The turbine housings have a 3” v band outlet which makes it a direct bolt on for many using Garrett T4 turbochargers on their cars! You also have the option of a water cooled bearing housing and a non-water cooled bearing housing. All turbochargers have high performance thrust bearings to ensure a long life with higher boost applications! Here is what you get with a BNR T4 turbocharger:


  • BNR 62mm inducer/88mm exducer Compressor wheel
  • T04E Compressor housing (4” inlet and 2.5” outlet with anti-surge port)
  • P-trim small shaft turbine wheel (Soon to be GT35)
  • High performance 360 degree thrust assembly
  • Your choice of water cooled or non-water cooled bearing housings
  • Your choice of T4 open turbine housings (.81 a/r or .96 a/r)
  • Balanced to .5 gram/in2
  • Blue printed
  • Stainless steel clamp plates and hardware
  • 2000F Ceramic coating on turbine housing
  • T4 turbine inlet gasket
  • T4 oil inlet gasket
  • T4 oil outlet gasket
  • (4) 16mm copper sealing washers for optional water cooled bearing housing


T04E-62mm Price: $999 USD Shipped to the lower 48!

(No core required!)