T3/T4 Turbochargers

BNR Supercars offers universal turbochargers for the turbo kit manufacturers.  There are several different options when it comes to turbine housing a/r and compressor housing sizes.  If you don’t have much room to work with around a turbocharger, sometimes its better off to go with smaller compressor and turbine housings just so you can physically work around the turbocharger!  Just because the compressor housing is smaller doesn’t mean it restricts flow.   There are companies out there that make great products but every manufacturers’ products have their pro’s and con’s.  We can build one off turbochargers for your application to optimize response and improve under the curve performance.  We will also keep in mind the boost target and power goals for your application.  Bigger isn’t always better!  I am a fan of maxing out a turbocharger instead of barely working a larger turbocharger.  The street-ability improves with a smaller turbocharger which makes the boosted experience more fun!

We have a couple different T3/4 options at the moment.   We have 2 different turbine housing sizes.  .48 a/r and .63 a/r.  The compressor options are 49 lb/min (490 BHP) and 58 lb/min (580 BHP).  Most applications use the .63 a/r exhaust housing for anything north of 350 hp.   You also have the option of a water cooled center housing or a non water cooled bearing housing.  The water ports are 14mm 1.5 thread pitch and the oil supply is M12 1.5 thread pitch.  You can use the bolt on AN adapters for T3 oil inlet and outlet.  You also have the option to use a banjo fitting on the oil inlet as well.  Water lines and water banjo bolts are extra!

This is what you get with a BNR Universal T3/T4 turbocharger:

  • Stage 3 turbine wheel
  • your choice of a 49 lb/min compressor wheel or 58 lb/min compressor wheel
  • High-performance 360 thrust bearing assembly
  • Your choice of water cooled and non water cooled bearing housings
  • BNR T04B compressor housing with antisurge port (3.5″ inlet/2″ outlet)
  • Your choice of .48 a/r or .63 a/r turbine housings (non wastegated)
  • Stainless steel hardware
  • Turbine inlet gasket
  • Oil inlet gasket
  • Oil outlet gasket
  • (2) 12mm copper sealing rings (comes with water cooled bearing housing)
  • (4) 14mm copper sealing rings (comes with water cooled bearing housing)
  • 1 year warranty!

*Stainless water lines and water banjo bolts are $25 extra*


(58 lb/min T3/4 turbocharger pictured)

BNR T3/T4 Turbocharger Price:  $750 USD plus shipping

(No core exchange)