Turbo core form

Please remove oil and water lines from the turbocharger(s) to reduce damages during shipment. When boxing, please pack NOT using packing pea nuts or bubble wrap. The weight and sharp ends of the turbocharger pops bubbles and breaks pea nuts. Turbo starts making its way out of the box before it gets to us. Use newspaper and package the turbo tightly. A double wall box would be great! If you use the flat rate boxes, be aware that they are not rated for the weight of a turbocharger. If the turbocharger gets damaged (broken studs, bent actuators ect.) there will be extra charges for replacements/labor!
Most of the turbochargers(s) we service require a turbo core upon build up. Please fill out the data page and include it with the turbocharger! Payments for turbocharger(s) will be arranged after completion.

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2. What would you need done to your turbocharger? Please circle one.

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If upgrade is chosen, which type of upgrade would you like?
If you need further assistance with your choice we will help you in your upgrade decision based upon modifications done to your vehicle and also consider your driving style. In the notes area please tell us what HP you are looking to achieve, boost level you are targeting, and modifications done to help give us an idea of what unit is best for you!
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